Sponsorship FAQ

Will my child know that I am his/her sponsor?

Yes, if the child is old enough to understand they will be advised who their sponsor is. Some children love to write letters and others may not be so keen to correspond but still love to receive letters from their sponsor.

How are my sponsorship funds spent?

We provide your sponsor child with all that they deserve as human beings, just what any good parent would want for their own children. . Each child  taken in  at EAMO is not just a number, but a EAMO family Each one  receives the love, care and the special attention they deserve; sponsorship funds help provide an environment of family-based care, nutritious meals and individual health care programs, an excellent standard of education, including vocational training in preparation for employment and locally employed carers to help provide ongoing care and support, also supporting the economy of our local community.

Can I send gifts to my child and what is appropriate?

You can certainly send gifts to your children.  You can post it addressed to your child, C/- East African Mission Orphanage, PO Box 15416, Nakuru, East Kenya.  Please note that we do have to pay duty to receive gifts so the value of the gift declared should be minimal.

Ideal gifts are clothing, flip flops, hair ties for the girls, shoes, educational toys/books/clothes, pens, pencils and any education/academic materials.

Please do not send jewellery, battery reliant toys, lollies/sweets, makeup, music CD’s.

How does Child Sponsorship compare to the other ways of helping EAMO?

Of the ways to help EAMO;

Sponsoring a child is the greatest priority because there are still many children at EAMO who do not have sponsors and the Sponsorship Program does not yet cover the full monthly budget for the children!