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24 years later……..

This year we are celebrating a milestone. It’s exactly 24 years since baby EAMO was born, and with it so many kids were rescued and have been able to live a decent life. Thanks to donors from all over the world that have made this possible. Out of Eamo we have been able to raise responsible citizens who would otherwise be dead or destitute. Our first born, Kim is now 27yrs, he completed his university degree and has been working at a Lodge as a purchases manager.

Wally is now 26 years pursuing his masters degree in English literature. Eunice (25yrs) is working as a teacher in an international school and Daniel his brother (28) is working in a water company. Mercy (24yrs) is working as chemistry teacher in high school; Just to mention a few. Many others have started their families and are living happily.

Though there has been challenges, ups and downs, we are grateful we’ve made it this far and we all want to thank each and everyone who has made this journey easy for us.

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From left to right. Mercy, Eunice, Wally

Covid-19 pandemic

Just like every one else we’ve been greatly affected by the covid pandemic. So many donors dropped out understandably due to the effects of the pandemic, ad for 2years now it hasn’t been easy for us. We were forced to close down the EAMO school and send the kids to an outside school due to the fact that we couldn’t afford to employ teachers and other school running expenses. It is sad that many of our staff lost their jobs and that means their families also were affected. currently we have 90 kids and since the outbreak we were not able to take in any new kids, these kids are clothed, fed and they all attend school which is the most important. Its with great hope that things will return to normal and we will be able to continue the good work.

How we kept busy during lockdowns when we could not attend school.

We have a big farm where we helped in cultivation planting and harvesting of produce, which has been used in our kitchen up today. We harvested over 100 bags of wheat, our green house has never run out of tomatoes and kitchen garden full of all kinds of veggies.