The kid’s stories (Case Studies)

Nancy and Michael

After the death of their Mother and Father, Nancy and Michael were left to be brought up by their older brothers and sisters. Unfortunately they were heavily involved into making a very strong home brew. Consequently, Nancy and Michael survived on this brew more than food. Both of them, in an effort to relieve the hunger pains wandered the streets in search for anything that resembled food.

When they arrived at EAMO they were in a most desperate condition, almost at the point of death! We had a very difficult time in bringing them up to the health they enjoy today, but now they are very happy and grateful for their new life.

Lilly and Pamela

Lilly was a 15 years old girl who was cared for by her father, as her mother had died. Unfortunately Lilly was raped by her father who was HIV positive. Lilly ran away when she found out she was pregnant and her father threatened to kill her and the baby. She ended up in remand prison because the authorities had no where else to secure her. Lily came to us 8 months pregnant; consequently her baby (Pamela) was delivered at EAMO. Both mother and child are now very happy indeed!

As a result of the rape, Lilly is HIV positive, but thankfully Pamela is not!

Jasmine and Bradley

Jasmine was 4 days old when she arrived at EAMO. The authorities contacted us after she was found being strangled by a group of women in a cemetery. When Jasmine first arrived at EAMO she was a weak, malnourished baby with breathing difficulties. Six years later, Jasmine is a happy, healthy and beautiful little girl!

Bradley was abandoned in the hospital by his mother. He stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and was extremely unwell. He is now also very happy and healthy and loves his home at EAMO.


When Rhianna was 13 years old, the authorities contacted EAMO and requested us to care for her and her 2 week old baby, Kelly. Although we were full at the time, we agreed to provide a temporary home. Rhianna was living with cousins who would not care for both her and Kelly. The authorities took so long to find an alternative arrangement that EAMO eventually became their home. They are both doing extremely well.


At the age of 9, Rose was being cared for by her 17 year old sister who was trying to look after 3 other children also, but simply could not cope! When the sister contacted EAMO, Rose was extremely thin and had a persistent cough, which turned out to be TB. After 2 years and many hospital visits, Rose managed to recover. She is now a very well and clever girl. The doctors said that the excellent nutrition she received at EAMO contributed greatly to her recovery!


Carla was a new born baby who was abandoned at a train station. She was found by a ‘Good Samaritan’ and taken to the Police Station. She was then taken to the Hospital and stayed there for a month before EAMO was contacted. Carla is now a very healthy and bright little girl.

We are often asked, “how can I help EAMO?” Their answer is always the same, “there are  a few ways to help:

However, sponsoring a child is the greataest priority because there are still many children at EAMO who need sponsors and the Sponsorship Program does not yet cover the full monthly budget for the children!”