Fund a project

The needs in Africa are very great indeed; the total number of orphans in Africa is an estimated 53.1 million, which is greater than the total number of children in Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Canada and Sweden combined! Of those orphaned children, 30% lost parents to the AIDS epidemic.

At first glance one is tempted to think, how is it possible to make a difference with statistics like these, but here at EAMO we sure do make a difference – one child at a time! That’s why we must continue to grow and be able to help more and more children.

This is where you come in; there are always a number of projects going on at EAMO. Project funding is an extremely important component to our continued growth. As our child sponsorship funds and other donations go directly into meeting the demands of our monthly budget, we rely on the generosity of those who also want to help with EAMO Projects.

Below is a list of past and present projects.

If you would like to know more about any of our projects, please write directly to When funding any EAMO project, or a specific project, just let us know the details and by all means use the banking information from the links below in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

Download banking application form: word, pdf

If you prefer to provide funds via any other method, just let us know by utilising any of the contact methods at our Contact Us page.

Thank you so much for your support.

Projects Waiting Funding:

  • School Uniforms, including shoes – We need 150 @ $45 each. Total – $6,750

Current Projects in Progress:

  • School Library. Funds from Ann Treloar & Gecko’s Adventures.
  • PC Lab. Funds from various Supporters.
  • New Chapel. Funds fromJoy and Graeme Taplin.
  • New Water Supply Tank Stand and major repair of the old one. Funds from various Supporters.

Completed Projects:

  • EAMO Property Purchase. Funds from the Watson and Sparke families and other Supporters.
  • Girls Dormitory. Funds from A Better World (ABW), Canada.
  • Water Borehole. Funds from ADRA and ABW.
  • Water Borehole Upgrade. Funds from various Suppoerters.
  • Forms 1 & 2 Classroom. Funding arranged by Angelique Vigneux, Canada.
  • 100m x 8m Hot House. Funds from various Supporters.
  • 28 seat Mitsubishi Bus. Funds from the Watson family, Melbourne.
  • Baby Nursery. Completed by Gecko’s, Megan Graham, Katrin Edelmann and various volunteers.
  • Form 3 & 4 Classrooms. Funds from Methanex Ltd, Canada. (Angelique Vigmeux)
  • 2 more 100m x 8m Hot Houses. Funds from various Supporters.
  • Lining for Dam. Stores up to 3 million litres of water for drip irrigation. Funds from various Supporters.
  • Electric Security Fence. Funds from the Watson family and various Supporters.
  • Boys Dormitory. Funds from the Loxdale family, Canada through ABW.
  • Solar Hot Water System for newly constructed Baby Nursery.
  • Photo Copier for the EAMO Primary and High Schools. Funds from the Graham family, Adelaide.
  • Pre-School Classroom. Funds from Angelique Vigneux and Janet Banks.
  • New Tractor for our Agricultural project and much more. Funds from a Private Fund.