Swimming Pool

Since now we have our own bus to take the children out on out-ings and sometimes to the hot springs where there are both hot and cold water pools where the kids have been learning to swim, the children have been pestering me to let them start dig-ging our very own swimming pool. I kept telling them that we need more buildings before we can even think of a swimming pool. After a long time they convinced me to let them get started! I thought, well it won’t cost us anything to dig a hole in the ground.

I have inserted a few pictures of our “Jolly Barnyard”. This is some of our big boys delight. It all started with Nathan coming to me and asking if he could have some used wood and nails to build and small pen for some chickens. I agreed so he went and built him rough little chicken coup. The I found out that one of the other boys was getting a chicken given to him. I wondered where he was going to put this chicken and thought he would come to me and ask me for wood and nails like Nathan did. But he didn’t come so I suspected the chicken never came. Then I found out later that Nathan had built more than one pen and that we had many chickens down there and that Nathan was showing traits of becoming quite the business boy.

They say to me Dad, have faith that we will get money to build our swimming pool just like the purchasing of the property and the bus that we prayed for for some time. How could I refuse to let them start digging? Attached are a couple of pics of the big boys digging and the progress so far. You may think to yourself that that is a big job for them to do. Don’t worry, they just love to dig. We are currently digging a new pit toilet that goes down about 20ft, and they love it. In fact if I did not stop them from digging deeper, they would keep going!

Ralph Spinks